DID JESUS SAY HE IS GOD? _Dr. Frederick France (Apostle of Diversity)


One question which has been rampantly thrown at Christians by non-Christians and critics of Jesus’ deity is: “Where in the Bible did Jesus say,  I am God so worship me”? This question (though laughable) may seem intelligent to people who are ignorant of the picture Jesus’ earthly mission was designed to portray.


Onus however rests on Christians to patiently educate people with such questions in mind, that Jesus’ salvation program had an ‘under-cover’ label on it. His mission required that His true identity be concealed. See this scenario in Matt 16:13-15: “When Jesus came into the coasts of Caesarea Philippi, he asked his disciples, saying, Whom do men say that I the Son of man am? And they said, Some say that thou art John the Baptist: some, Elias; and others, Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am?” These questions indicate that Jesus’ “Son of man” identity is a camouflage! “Whom do men say that I the SON OF MAN am?” “Whom say ye that I am?”


Jesus was indirectly telling them by those questions that, His true identity was concealed! When Peter eventually called Him “the Christ”, Hear what Jesus told them:“Then charged He His disciples that they should tell no man that He was Jesus the Christ.” – Matt 16:20.Why would Jesus want to keep His “Christ” identity secret? It could lead to  the discovery of who He truly is!


“Christ” means the anointed one. Dan 9:24 tells us whom ‘the anointed one’ is. It says “Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to ANOINT THE MOST HOLY”. This scripture is a prophecy of Jesus’ salvation program on earth. The anointed one (Christ) was referred to as “the Most Holy”. Of course only God Almighty could be addressed as such. See Rev 4:8.“And the four beasts…rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come”. The Most Holy (“Holy, holy, holy”) is the Lord God Almighty who was and is and is to come. Who is this? JESUS CHRIST!


Isa 45:15 also says: “Verily thou art a God that hidest thyself, O God of Israel, the Saviour”.  The God of Israel strategically hid (disguised) Himself to trap satan on earth and save us from his bondage of sin and death. Heb 2:14-16 confirms this. It says: “For as much then as the CHILDREN are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. For verily he took not on him the nature of ANGELS; but he took on him the SEED OF ABRAHAM”.


The above scripture says Jesus had two options to choose from: (1) He could take on Him the nature of angels. (2) He could take on Him the nature of the seed of Abraham (man). Only God could be faced with such options since He is neither man nor angel. And of course He did not take on Him the nature of angels because He was coming to do a man’s work and not an angel’s work. Secondly, the scripture referred to the victims of the devil (mankind) as Jesus’ children, and that of course makes Him God.“Forasmuch then as the CHILDREN are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same”.


There are several scriptures in the Bible which prove that Jesus’ salvation operation needed to be veiled for it to be successful. 1 Cor 2:7-8 says “But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory: Which none of the princes of this world knew: for HAD THEY KNOWN IT, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” It is explicit by these scriptures that, Jesus should not openly say He is God Almighty, if His salvation plan must succeed. Knowing who Jesus truly is, is our duty not His. That is why He said “Search the scriptures; for…they are they which testify of me” – Jn 5:39. Searching the Scriptures is the criteria for knowing whether Jesus is God or not. God sets the criteria, not man, so do not ask: “where did Jesus say He is God?” It is your responsibility to search and discover.


In Jn 5:31-32, Jesus said “If I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true. There is another that beareth witness of me; and I know that the witness which he witnesseth of me is true”. This scripture refers to John the Baptist. What did John say about Jesus? John said he is not worthy to tie Jesus’ shoes (Lk 3:16). John called Jesus the Lamb of God (Jn 1:29). The Bible proves that God and The Lamb represent the same person (Rev 22:3).


Several scriptural clues prove that Jesus is God Almighty. Here are a few:(1) Jesus created all things (Jn 1:3). (2) All things were created by Him and for Him (Col 1:16). (3) Wise men worshipped Him at birth and called Him King of the Jews (Matt 2:2). (4) King of the Jews is God’s title (Hos 13:9-11). (5) Jesus forgave sins (Lk 5:20-21). (6) Jesus raised the dead (Jn 11:43-44). (7) Jesus said He is the life (Jn 14:6). (8) Jesus said He is the resurrection (Jn 11:25). (9) Thomas called Him God and He did not rebuke him (Jn 20:28-29). (10) His disciples replaced ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost’ with His name (Matt 28:19; Acts 2:38; Acts 8:16; Acts 19:5). (11) Stephen prayed directly to Him as God (Acts 7:59). (12)Scriptures refer to His blood as the blood of God (Acts 20:28). (13) Isaiah called Him the Mighty God (Isa 9:6). (14) He is Alpha and Omega just as God is (Rev 1:8; Isa 44:6). Beloved, Jesus is God. Just replace Trinity with Diversity (1 Cor 12:6) and all your doubts about Jesus will evaporate.  Your earthly father does not need to tell you he is your father; what he does for you says it all. Fathers ‘kill themselves’ (economically) for their children. If Jesus died for you, then He is your Father.


Dr. Frederick France (Author: Divine Keys devotional)                                


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